Valuations & Consultancy Services

We are a respected and sought after provider of valuation and consultancy services with experience across all major property sectors. All our services are based on thorough market research, with our team of professionals continually collecting, researching and analysing current market data.

With a strong focus on client service, our team delivers:

Tailored and specialised property advice
An innovative and intelligent approach to each assignment
Thoroughly researched reports of the highest standard, presented in an easy to understand, clear and concise format


As trusted valuation experts, we provide Government and Private Sector Valuations and Advice. This includes asset valuations, compulsory acquisition valuations, easement valuations, statutory valuations, litigation valuations, Council rezoning, fair value, accounting purposes, insurance values, Inter Government Transfers, insolvency and mortgagee in possession, stamp duty and CGT valuations, SMSF compliance and specialist expertise in retail, car yards, car parks, medical and telecommunications.


Consultancy Services

As part of our consultancy services, we provide commercial, industrial and retail market rent reviews, rental determinations, expert witness services and advice, feasibility studies, ‘Highest and best use’ site analysis and leasehold interests.